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Stop Fracking in Michigan

We are a group of concerned citizens working to protect our livelihoods, health of our families and animals, water sources, air quality, property values, and more. 

Please note the following disclaimer:  All content on this page is for informational purposes only. Please speak with your local and state representatives, oil companies, DEQ, appropriate lawyers, and health department officials with specific questions.  No information on here is proved as accurate and you understand My Baby First and any other entity listed as providing information are released from any and all liability. 

Conway Township currently has an exploratory well looking for oil to then obtain using hydraulic fracturing practices, and is known as the Sherwood Site. The oil tower can be seen from Fowlerville Road and is very bright at night. 

Before you Sign a Lease

Have you been approached to lease out your land? Know someone who's been approached? Direct them here to learn more BEFORE they sign. 
  • What you can say to a landman to find out answers when they approach you with an oil drilling lease: 
    • If and When our water is contaminated, and my kids and family get sick - Who is going to pay for that? I know the "lease money" is not going to cover that, who will pick up the tab and be sure the timeline is "for life" as that's how long you would likely be sick. 
    • How will you ensure I can sell my house? Are you willing to purchase it in the event no one will buy it due to its relative location to your well? There have been realtors refusing to list properties to sell near a Kalkaska oil fracturing location. Get in writing that the oil company will pay a set amount for your property if it doesn't sell within ____ months of listing it for sale. You may want a lawyer to look over the document before signing it, so it shows your terms of lease.
  • Some residents have been approached upwards of 4 times to sign, and have still refused with concerns of the beautiful surrounding land being destroyed. 
  • Lease paperwork has also been arriving to some in the mail. Possible new lease locations are along Marsh and Morhle Roads, as well as more surrounding locations. 

Well Water 

Yes, your well water can be affected by hydraulic fracturing practices. No, if there's a well already drilled within a mile from  your home, you likely cannot do anything about protecting your water from contamination at this point. 

What you CAN do:
  • Get your well tested by a third party source using a Chain of Custody log, to help ensure it will hold up as evidence in court in the even of a lawsuit against an oil company. Testing your water yourself does not typically hold up in court; get a reputable tester.
  • Test the depth of your well using a certified technician and proper documentation. In the event your water levels are affected due to fracturing, or goes dry, this will be another step to help hold oil companies accountable for damages. A registered well driller can also check your well level; this information is also on your well log. It is called "static water level" and indicates the level of water in your well casing. 
  • Check your documents from when you purchased your home as for what the well water level was. You need to consider your statute of limitations as for if the date of purchase would still hold up in court; that it is current enough. Realize the static water level can & does change in wells. Your well pump is set in your well based on that level to be sure your pump is in the water and stays in the water as you use it. If your static water level drops enough, due to a large quantity withdrawal, your well pump may not be in the water and you will not get water to pump into your holding tank until the level rises inside of the casing. Well depths vary from one property to the next. 
WHO will test in the Mid-Michigan area?
  • West Shore Consulting out of Muskegon. Roger:  231-777-3447. GeoSouthern payed for some of the water testing in the Fowlerville area - they told us that they were paying for people within 1 mile of the well. 
  • Grobbel Environmental & Planning. Chris:  231-499-7165. Water testing and well depth measurements. 
  • It's recommended to get the following water element tests: BTEX(benzene,toluene,ethybenzene,xylene), Total Dissolved Solids, Chloride and Methane.

Current Livingston County Area Well Sites:
  • Along with the Sherwood Site discussed above, an injection site close to the well is being looked for. Landowners beware! 
  • A permit for well drilling in handy township for a new 4300 ft. oil well was issued 10/16/2013. The companies name is Apollo Exploration out of Mount Pleasant, MI.

Current Tragedies from Michigan Hydraulic Fracturing:
  • At least one incidence in Kalkaska where a home well lost a significant amount of well depth and their pump burned out. Because they'd had their well depth tested, they successfully fought the fracturing oil company and had them pay to replace the well problems.

Websites to Take Action

Help Michigan STOP Fracking using the following websites. Please realize online petition signing is not a substitute for paper petitions - paper petitions hold far more weight than online petitions when it comes to getting legislation changed. Take action and start your own paper petition and join the movement to protect your family, your property, your water, and your air!